7 Things to Do in Lima's City Centre

I'm back home in Lima, Peru! It's fantastic to be back and to see how much the city has grown and developed. This foggy jungle, traffic jams and all, is a wondrous convergence of modernity intertwined with history and heritage.


Beers & Darts at Flight Club Bloomsbury

Flight Club Bloomsbury London Darts Bar

There's this man cave of a social bar just off Tottenham Court Road station. A place to hide away from the sunlight and descend into a wonderland of bright lights and darts. You read it right.

5 Chilled Brunch Spots in Clapton

5 Chilled Breakfast Spots in Lower Clapton

Weekend breakfasts get me excited. There's nothing like the thought of rocking up in my jeans and t-shirt to a local chilled-out cafe and get served the most luscious, well-balanced, nourishing and great-tasting fresh food. Here are some of my favourites and some tips to get you tasting the winning dishes. All doggie-friendly!


Vegetarian Indian Spiced Rice

A quick and easy 30-minute recipe, perfect for a weekday. It may not look like much, but it packs a punch!


Weekday Lunch at Hakkasan

(c) Sami Darling-Rock 

The opulent Hakkasan on Hanway Place is the original of the Hakkasans around the world. A dark cave of luxury, the Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant is partitioned with carved wooden panels into smaller areas, giving it a dramatic air of a vast expanse yet intimate dining. Walking in feels like walking into a James Bond film.

Japan: The Ultimate 2-Week Itinerary

Japan took me by surprise – I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. It has everything: the most stunning landscapes & mountains, delightful fresh food, an intriguing history & culture and tons to see and do.

It’s tough to pick only a handful of places to visit on a first trip, and though the below itinerary might feel like it’s too much, it actually allows for relaxation, plus all the essential things you can't miss!


Jardin des Plantes, Paris

Jardin des Plantes Paris journographie travel blog

The Jardins des Plantes are an exotic world of their own, in the middle of Paris.

Spring Strolls in Paris

Nothing like a little weekend trip to Paris with your best friends to perk you up. This time around we had my friend Karina’s fiancé as a guide – and he’s a Parisian! – so we did the less touristy things. With this trip Eiffel in love with Paris even more!

Let me take you on a weekend break to Paris.

Goodbye Japan! Kyoto's Fushimi Inari Shrine, Mount Kurama & Onsen

Japan saved the best for last for our trip. Our very last day in Kyoto (and indeed, in Japan) was a melting pot of different experiences - most of which you'd never find in a guidebook.

Kyoto: Golden Temples, Monkey Mountains & Bamboo Groves

Our very last destination on this wondrous journey through Japan is Kyoto.

48 Hours in Tokyo: An Alternative Weekend Guide

Weekend Guide to Tokyo Sensoji Temple Fish Market

Tokyo is a great city with lots to see and do; it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start. The great advantage to this is that you almost can't go wrong... Tokyo is essentially one big playground.


My Neighbours the Dumplings: Dumpling House and Sake Bar

When My Neighbours the Dumplings opened up a five minute walk from my flat, I knew it was trouble. Originally marred by a series of delays in getting their fixtures ready for the opening night, they are now beyond busy any night of the week. 

Have it Two Ways: Brunch or Sunday Roast @ Rootdown

What is this witchcraft? It's the amazing little casual spot in Clapton that serves incredibly creative & scrumptious brunches and Sunday roasts CONSISTENTLY to high quality.

Pair that with a great vibe & awesome cocktails and you're on to something. 

Best of Hackney: Guided Weekend Walk

My favourite weekend pass-time is to walk around Hackney, from Clapton down to London Fields and through the markets down to the farm.. ending up at Columbia Road Flower Market, and even moving on to Brick Lane and Shoreditch. The other day I did this walk with a friend of mine, and she loved it. And I realised... you know what, I love it. And I think you will too. Here is my itinerary for a chilled weekend walking around Hackney + map at the end.

Best of Hackney Guided Weekend Walk // on Journographie.com

My First Onsen (Hot Spring) Experience in Yufuin, Japan

Yufuin's Onsen Spas: Unmissable Japanese Experience // journographie.com

Let me tell you about my first (and second!) Onsen experience in Japan. Natural hot spring spas are an old Japanese tradition - and I'd watched many videos before my visit. But when you mix extremely hot water, complete nakedness and no knowledge of the language... well things get embarrassing...

What the HELL? Visiting Japan's Hot "Hells" in Beppu

In my last post we had spent a night in Fukuoka sampling the terrific street food it’s known for. But that was only a pit-stop on our way to Oita, the Japanese prefecture known for its hot springs (Onsen). The Japanese are crazy into their Onsen and I wanted to try as many as possible – especially in the main Onsen region.

Cate & Chris Do Japan (Video)

I want to show you what an amazing experience Chris & I had in Japan. In this 3 minute video you will see everything we saw, from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka to smaller countryside towns, islands and Onsen...


Yatai: Fukuoka's Food Carts

No travel experience is complete until you’ve order from a menu from which you understand absolutely nothing.

Booze & Fun at Junkyard Golf

Today we went underground into the jungle for an hour of drinks and crazy golf in Shoreditch.

Atop Mount Misen, Miyajima

A short day trip from Hiroshima (or even Okayama, on the Shinkansen), and covered in primeval forest, the trail up Mount Misen is one of the most rewarding hikes to be had. On this particular clear day Spring day, we decided to venture onwards and upwards.

5 Spots for Vintage Furniture & Homeware Shopping in Shoreditch

Today, I bring you 5 top spots for vintage shopping in East London, all of which you can visit on a nice Sunday stroll.

Miyajima: Floating Tori Island

Floating Tori, Japan // A Day Trip to Itsukushima Island // www.journographie.com

Miyajima Island, hands down, beats every cliched double-page spread in any holiday glossy magazine any time of day. We arrived at sunset, and as the crowds gathered around the magnificent floating Tori, we walked over to the structure as the tide came in...

An Afternoon in Kōraku-en Gardens

On our last day in Okayama, since we hadn't spent much time in the city itself, rather going for day trips, we decided to visit the Koraku-en: Okayama Gardens.

Naoshima: Cycling Japan's Art Island

Naoshima is an island in the Seto inland Sea, famous for its contemporary art and the superb Benesse House Museum. But this island offers an intense surreal experience for more than just the art-oriented...