Booze & Fun at Junkyard Golf

Today we went underground into the jungle for an hour of drinks and crazy golf in Shoreditch.

Some time ago when I lived in Australia someone introduced me to lawn barefoot boules. I remember thinking it sounded boring until I did it and realised why it’s so popular: it’s an excuse to hang about, drink beers and chat… much better than standing outside a pub in the midst of winter.

Enter crazy golf. Crazy golf is London’s answer to barefoot boules. They are indoors, have great music, bars that aren’t packed, reasonable prices for drinks and you get to try your hand at whacking a ball around for about an hour.

Just off Brick Lane (a stone’s throw from Liverpool Street station), right across from record shop Rough Trade at the Old Truman Brewery, you’ll find Junkyard Golf.

We descend the stairs to collect our wristbands. We’ll be doing the PABLO course – a polluted-paradise-themed extravaganza. We drop off our coats at the cloakroom and grab tins of beer and cider. 

After signing a disclaimer and promising not to swing the sticks around at people, we’re given coloured golf balls and let in.

I manage a hole-in-one on my first try, beginner’s luck. That was one and only.

We encounter a number of exotic animals and quirky traps on this cleverly styled course, peppered with bars cleverly spread out around the place to satisfy our thirst.

An hour later we make our exit, triumphant, amused and a little bit tipsy.

Tickets to Junkyard Golf can be bought on their website or you can walk right in. They release walk-in tickets. 

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