Have it Two Ways: Brunch or Sunday Roast @ Rootdown

What is this witchcraft? It's the amazing little casual spot in Clapton that serves incredibly creative & scrumptious brunches and Sunday roasts CONSISTENTLY to high quality.

Pair that with a great vibe & awesome cocktails and you're on to something. 
I first visited them when they opened up a couple of years ago. I went in with a friend as we ended a pretty long Sunday stroll. I didn't take that many pictures but after trying their food, I just had to tell you about it.

Inside, the decor was industrial / practical / cool, and the crowd, friendly.

The first thing I noticed was that the menu was something different. Everything was inspired in British food with a twist.

My friend and I couldn't resist a classic and went with a pork belly roast and a lamb wrap. Oh my days.

My amazing Roast
But they do lots of different styles of food - and they change their menu seasonally. Here's a few other dishes from their facebook page / instragram:

I can't recommend them enough. If you're around Hackney, they're only a 15 minute walk from Hackney Central - or a 5 minute walk from Clapton station. If you don't come to Hackney often, here's a Guide to a Chilled Sunday in Hackney.

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