The coolest vintage soda fountain in the world

20 Jul 2012
Free with the New York pass was a Brooklyn tour which involved mostly sitting in a bus with air-con (something I was very happy about on that sticky summer day) and stopping at a few spots where we (the tourists) could spend our money. One of those spots happened to be a 1920's renovated pharmacy that has been turned into an old-style soda fountain serving all sorts of things I've never heard of before.

"The Farm", as it's known to locals, almost couldn't handle the orders from all the tourists that descended upon them from our tour bus. I dared not order any of the "cream eggs", as when I asked for an explanation of these, the explanation itself lasted about two full minutes. I didn't try any of the carbonated drinks that come with a scoop of ice-cream (on top?)... a floating ball of milk-based desert doesn't really go well with fizzy drinks (me thinks). No, I settled for a child-sized scoop of vanilla ice-cream, which was served with a cherry on top (for an extra quarter!) and tasted incredibly standard.

The best part of the fifteen minutes I spend in there were the first thirteen minutes between the time they took my order and when I finally got my mini scoop: I got to muse at the old style furnishings, tidbits and decor of the place, as well as people-watch. What can I say? I'm a keen observer!

Brooklyn Farmacy on UrbanspoonBrooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain is at 513 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA  


  1. YOUR NAILSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !! I'm sad you didn't get to try the soda though. I would've ordered a billion things in there (knowing me...)

    1. Yeah it looked a bit disgusting..... :)


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