Queensland Beach Towns

3 Jul 2013

A little bit over one year ago some friends and went on a Queensland road trip from Brisbane to Cairns. These are some pics from our quick step through the Town of 1770, Agnes Water and our day visit to Lady Musgrave Island.

From the boat we would just get our suits on and snorkel around to check out the amazing coral and fish around. It is the southernmost part of the Great Barrier Reef and one we had not visited before.

They demonstrated how they feed the fish in the area (which I am not sure if they are supposed to...) and I got some pretty interesting shots of birds.

Chris and I got snorkelling and we spent the whole day in the water. It was fantastic and well worth it!

Leaving Agnes Water we headed straight to Airlie Beach. This time around we didn't visit the Whitsundays as we had done it the previous year, in 2011. But we settled for some fun in the sun, swimming and sausages in the public barbies.

The sun in the pictures almost manages to wam me up a bit.... it's not even 18 degrees here and it's the midst of summer! But I am off to Croatia tomorrow and there shall be some sun there.

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