Dubrovnik Sunshine

25 Jul 2013

Dubrovnik is like a magical hidden city, a harbour with tantalising lights shimmering in the distance. 
That's what it felt like when I first saw it, the night we crossed borders from Croatia to Montenegro.

Now arriving at sunset, it was a retreat of calm and peace, a welcome break to our non-stop unexpected backpacking around the Balkans. Our apartment had the best view, the comfiest bed and thankfully, aircon. We dropped our bags and headed for a good feast.

We sat at a restaurant overlooking the marina and ordered a seafood platter with two extra dishes of grilled calamari.

Both Anna and I love eating the shells of prawns and even the head and tail of the fish! Needless to say the waiters were wondering where the shells had gone....

We had a stroll past the docks and waved dobro veče (good evening) to the crew on different vessels who were now unwinding and having an evening chat and drink. And on that note, we ended the day.

The next morning this view saw the start to the day. 

We started with a long walk to the Old Town along the Pile Gates. At some point during 2012, people started locking Love Locks to the Pile Gate and throwing the keys to the ocean. 

Down below the Adriatic Sea is as unspoilt as you could only imagine, the deep blue waters reflect the sunshine and shatter it into a million speckles of shimmering light.

The Old Town itself is big and full of things to do. It's got a million little souvenir shops but also high quality restaurants, museums, galleries, exhibitions, bakeries, ice cream parlours, churches, markets, etc. Premium prices apply in here, as it is all for tourists. But it was a great day out all in all.

Up to this point during the trip we still had not jumped in the water! Here's Anna having a taste of the Adriatic and then quickly pulling her foot back and complaining that it's too cold!

That evening we took another bus that took us into split. A storm was approaching and we could hear the thunder. From the window of the bus I tried to capture the skies as they turned ominous but wonderful.

Alen's apartment/ rooms was found via Airbnb.com here's the link to his place: https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/1208094 


  1. Beautiful, beautiful oh so beautiful photos. It really looks like the balkan is a secret escape compared to all these Ibiza, Mallorca, Southern France or whatever sort of thing.
    And the platter of delicious sea food looks superb!!


    1. Anywhere with cheap seafood is heaven to me.

  2. I love everything about this post, the architecture, the city, the life, it all looks so interesting!xx

  3. Your post is making me miss Dubrovnik (and Ožujsko!) not so much the cold water though! Beautiful night time shots too!



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