Fairytale Town of Split

26 Jul 2013

Whether you stay in the Old Town or explore further afield, Split is an amazing spot for a weekend away.

In 2008 I started looking for a piece of land (and sea!) unexploited by tourism where I could cheaply spend a few days a year. It was then that I came across a picture of a bay surrounded by red rooftop houses tightly perched together, lit by the deep golden sunset stream of light and the glistening little yellow lights emanating from the windows. The picture was on a website promoting tourism to Croatia, but there was no caption underneath it giving me a hint as to the whereabouts of this magical land.

I quickly pasted a link to it on Yahoo! Answers.

Where is this? I asked the world.

The answer came a day later. It's the island of Split.

Split does feel like a fairytale town because in a sense, it once was. It was built as a palace to house the retired Roman emperor Diocletian but remained unknown to the Western world until Scottish architect Robert Adam together with French artist Clérisseau surveyed the ruins and published a detailed book about them, sparking a trend for neoclassical architecture (which is why today we still see many temples and churches around Europe in this style, inspired by Diocletian's palace).

The level of preservation of the palace is remarkable, and today it houses locals, shops, restaurants and other businesses.

A short climb up the stairs of the Campanile gave us the best views in town (and mild vertigo). 

The best part of it al, for us, was that we finally managed to find a beach and go for a little swim!!!
But, to be honest, this is nothing compared to the water holes we found later in our travels.....


  1. This town looks amazing, what a perfect little vacation spot. You hit the jackpot here. It's perfect for an afternoon of exploring.

    1. Indeed! And I had the feeling if I had stayed longer I would've discovered a wild night life too!

  2. I love the story behind how you found this place, looks beautiful, your photos of daily life are beautifulxx

    1. Thanks Johanna! I love your lifestyle pics + adventures too ya know! :)


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