Turquoise Seas of Korčula

31 Jul 2013

Korčula is without doubt the most beautiful island town on the Adriatic. Hell, in all of Europe.

Save the best for last, they say. After experiencing Hvar, I didn't think there could be anything better, but I'm glad we visited Korčula after Hvar and not before. 

We started the day with a stroll inside the Old Town walls looking at the different temples and squares.

People make pickled vegetables by stuffing them in a jar and leaving them in the sunshine for at least a year. (Or so I overheard from a tourist guide)

I'm not gonna lie, most of our days involved walking around pretending we were interested in all the history whilst all along all we wanted was for it to be lunch time! 

You shouldn't be surprised there aren't any pictures of food. We devoured every dish before we could get the camera out.

Looking at the quieter areas of the island where people took their boats fishing or did stand up paddling... it made me think of coming back for a longer holiday and trying these activities.

Our host Nada and her daughter Mila were incredibly kind and offered to drive us to Lumbarda. We spent a day there at two different beaches. The first one was a rock and shingle beach with loads of people.

But this wasn't our kinda thing, so we grabbed our things and tried walking to another one. About 10 mins later we found the second beach but instead of heading for it, we went towards the rocky area instead where there were less people and we could be left alone!

On the way back we got mildly lost and ended up finding our way to the centre of the town by asking locals. Then took a bus from Lumbarda back to Korčula. We caught a glimpse of the town from above the hills...

Back in the town we thought it'd be nice to buy some presents for Nada, as she had been so nice to us. We also got ourselves a little treat in the form of Lavender chocolate. It was yum!

Our last night in Korčula we stopped to appreciate the sunset and the Old Town, and Anna was game for a bit of splashing about!

Our stay in Korčula was at apartments Mia, in the suburb of Medvinjak (20 min walk from the Old Town by the sea). They had an amazing view, kitchen, private bathroom and a wonderful host, who left cold water and table wine in our fridge. Contact Nada nadarkman@gmail.com


  1. What beautiful photos! All those jars of jam (I'm assuming?) look so delicious, I just want to try them all!

    1. Thank you! Yeah they had so many yummy flavours. I'm making jam soon from all the fruit in the garden will post about it too - it's super easy! xx

  2. GAH!!! this is absolutely gorgeous!!! your stills + adventures. that third one i'm still swooning over. SO lovely.
    by the way, thanks for leaving the sweet note, love. xx

  3. Wow! These photos are so dreamy. Care to join the cheers and follow my blog i'll also do the same! Pins & Macarons

  4. this pictures look so incredible! this whole place makes me swoon :) looks like you're having a lot of fun <3

  5. I'm so glad I found this. Korcula is where I grew up!!


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