48 Hours in Montenegro

24 Jul 2013

Insane views, crazy blue waters and mysterious Monasteries lie hidden in Montenegro.

The first days into our trip around the Balkans did not go as planned... first we had to forget about visiting Banja Luka and arrive in Sarajevo instead. From Sarajevo we had planned to drive to Tivat, making a stop to see (what I imagine is the amazing) Ostrog Monastery. That didn't happen either.

What did happen was an 11 hour coach ride from Sarajevo to Tivat in which we crossed borders more than three times (leaving Bosnia, entering Croatia, leaving Croatia, entering Montenegro..), had fresh lamb on the spit at a roadside restaurant at 12am, and were dropped off at an empty bus stop at 4am in Tivat... 2kms from our hostel, perched at the top of a series of hills. What also happened was that our hostel (Anton) had given away our room in confusion and we now had to wait to get a new room. Finally, at 5am we went to sleep.

And at 8am we woke up.

We went for a walk around Tivat before getting on a taxi to Kotor.

In Kotor we had over three hours to kill before our next bus towards Dubrovnik. It seemed as if we were rushing past towns and cities without seeing anything! At least we could go for a lovely swim in Kotor, we reasoned, and asking every local we could find, we headed in the direction of the beach.

It was supposed to be two minutes that way... or two minutes that other way... everyone we asked kept telling us it was just there and pointing. We kept walking and walking, back and forth and all the way to the end. But we saw no beach.

Our shoulders were smashed, carrying our rucksacks (which were initially meant to go in the boot of a car, not our backs!) we had damaged the small blood vessels on our shoulders and you could see bruises from the thin straps of the rucksacks. I could've just collapsed there, it was so lovely and hot and all I wanted was to jump into the water.

But we never found the beach. We settled for a walk around the Old Town, which we found accidentally as we were looking for the beach....

After a long day of walking around we settled for some antipasti in the form of olives and some fresh prawn salad.

And as the skies closed and the rain and thunder came in, we boarded our bus and departed towards Dubrovnik.

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  1. Love the sailing boat shot!



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