Chilling Out in Hvar, Croatia

28 Jul 2013

Arriving in Hvar was fun, not just because from the onset we could see it was full of the young & free but also because the catamaran ride that took us there involved a 6 year old girl who kept slapping and poking Anna non-stop. See? Fun.

We were picked up by our host who showed us where to have a good swim and where we could go for dinner, drinks and an all-night party involving island-hoping - full moon party style. We didn't waste any time and headed straight for a slab of concrete by the sea from where we could jump straight in. We didn't bother with the beach.

The Old town is not very big and easily explorable. It's full of shops, restaurants and bars more than historical landmarks. The bay is full of super expensive yachts. We spotted one or two that we had seen in Dubrovnik. Clearly, Hvar was the place to be. Judging by the number of celebs and young people here, this is definitely a hot spot for the rich and the famous (and the young who just want a piss-up).

Even more people arrived that evening for Yacht Week, thousands of youngsters heading straight to the most famous bar there: Carpe Diem.

We weren't quite as adventurous and settled for cocktails followed by a very nice meal on one of the restaurant's rooftops.

Our time in Hvar was marked by the non-partying but all the swimming we did. We finally rested from all the walking and exploring we'd been doing for days and days. We simply slopped on loads of 50+ SPF sunscreen every now and then (hey we don't want skin cancer!) and kicked our legs up, dipping in every half hour or so.

Leaving Hvar to head for Korčula was exciting. I really hoped the island was as beautiful as Hvar. The catamaran ride was soothing as the sun set behind us. Arriving in Korčula, we were picked up by a car sent by our host and as we rode into the sunset I grew more and more excited about the few days ahead.


  1. Your time there looks beautiful, I love how you've managed to explore the local culture a littlexx

    1. It's all partying and yachting here, but for simple girls like us after some sun and sea, anything will do :)


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