Unearthing Sarajevo's History

23 Jul 2013

Our second day in Sarajevo was accompanied with the realisation that we had just spent a night at the wrong airbnb house.

It turns out we had turned up at one of the two houses with the same address and as our original host had still to hear from us, we ended up at someone else's home and thought we were at the right place.
Well, thank God they didn't mind at all and still welcomed us as if we were their intended guests!

Confusions aside and after a bit of nervous laughter both from our side and theirs, Anna and I made our way out again to explore a bit more about the history of Sarajevo. We started with the Alija Izetbegovic Museum.

There were so many things I didn't know about Bosnia and this museum was a very good place to start. It was well-worth the small entry fee and we spent a couple of hours reading every single caption and looking at every single photograph of the former, now late, first president of Bosnia.

He seemed to be a president like no other. With clear principles and a vision for Bosnia that he would fight for until the end. He changed history for Bosnia and paved the way for the country we see today, from the horrific conflicts of the war after the break of Yugoslavia to a sovereign country in times of peace.

After the museum we walked around the adjacent cemetery to get a better view of the city.

And even managed to pick different fruits from the trees next to the road... cherries, plums, blueberries...

A walk past all the bridges and back to the Old Town took us into Gallery 11 07 95, which is the first of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Well-curated with impacting imagery and storytelling, it aims to preserve the people who lost their lives during the Srebrenica massacre.

It all served to deepen my understanding of the history of this beautiful country, but being a sensitive person and taking in all these feelings, I decided this was enough of history for today and we continued with some more souvenir shopping and exploring around town.

Returning to the house in the afternoon, our unexpected host Micky took us to the back garden to give us a provision of fresh fruit and cucumbers, which we would gratefully scoff down later that day on our bus to Montenegro.

We were given a farewell with delicious chocolate cake and Bosnian tea, and we sat in warm companionship chatting happily about life and travel.

At the end of the day we got a lift from Mickey to the bus station, where our travels into Montenegro would continue.


  1. Love this last picture!!
    Wonderful photos and the trip must be oh so exciting!!

    1. It was! Thoroughly recommend it :)

  2. I love the fruit picking photo so much! How you've done your hair is really nice tooxx

    1. Oh! I love that one too. That's Anna, she has very short hair and she parts it in the middle and then twists the sides inwardly and pins it with two hair grips! Easy and beautiful.


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