It's Pimm's O'Clock!

13 Aug 2013
What do you do when you have two friends visiting you in London and they have already seen all the touristy landmarks?

Why, you go on a daytime pub crawl, of course!

I met Alex on my yacht sailing course around the Solent, and you already know Anna, a temporary import from Australia. As I lugged Anna desperately from one landmark to another in the most rushed fashion, Alex began to grow exasperated at the number of tourists pushing past at every corner. I think he reached his tether when I asked "What do you want to see next?" because he answered, "the pub".

We were standing in Green Park, freshly escaped from the crowds around Buckingham Palace. I love pictures with trees in the background (who doesn't?) so I made Anna pose for my camera.

Okay, the first shot didn't turn out....

Got it on the second try.

I turned around to find Alex splayed across a park bench with the most smug look on his face. I laughed at him, "You're next!". Stubborn (and proud) man that he is, he would not follow my artistic direction to twerk, so I found content in telling him a joke and capturing his laughter.

By this point Anna had run off after a squirrel, both abundant and redundant in England but apparently irresistible to my Aussie pal, who was in stealth mode getting decidedly close to an over-anxious squirrel that was rooted to the ground and looking fearful.

Anna got her squirrel picture and I dragged them both out of that green hole and into the wonderland that is Soho.

We started with a jug of Pimm's. Pimm's is the ultimate summer British drink. It's a traditional drink made out of Pimm's liqueur and soft drinks (lemonade, etc) and strawberry, orange, mint and cucumber bits added to it. Not only is it refreshing and easy to drink, it also gets you tipsy pretty quickly.

We followed that Pimm's with another Pimm's, and again, and again. In fact, the only time we stopped was for an ice-cream at Amorino.

Amorino is an Italian ice-cream maker. They have truly sumptuous flavours and their staff are really nice. The smallest cone or cup is £3.50 but you can choose as many flavours to go in the cone as you want. A sign in their parlour says "choose as many flavours as you like", and often I have contemplated asking for all the flavours in that one £3.50 cup. Yeah, childish, I know.

Finishing our ice creams, I described a pub that "looks like the inside of a tree" to my mates. "It has many chambers and rooms and it's reminiscent of being inside of huge tree trunk". I didn't really know how to explain myself, I know. But Waxy O'Connor's is a really peculiar-looking pub just off Leicester Square. We might as well. (I won't spoil the surprise with pictures of the tree-like interior. You'll have to visit it yourself!)

Would you believe, after Waxy's we still had it in us to go for a stroll around Covent Garden. Where did we end up?, I hear you ask. At Freud Bar, a cool underground spot with the best mixed cocktails in London. Guess what we had....

You guessed it! Another Pimm's.

And a selection of cocktails, to accompany!

Silly posing ensued.

The night didn't end here. After a chat to a loud table next to us, the absolute best seafood restaurant in the area was recommended to us: J Sheekey. We walked the short walk from seven dials and settled for a table next to busy kitchen. A knowledgeable French waitress with a perfectly manicured image recommended the best dishes for us and then set off to bring delicious Chilean wine. After a short wait looking around to see what others were eating, our dinner arrived!

We decided to order a few things and share - my favourite thing to do. We had a crab bisque with cream & cognac. Fishy and fresh. Just how I like it.

A chargrilled squid and prawns on quinoa and coriander salad.

A Cornish fish stew....

And a mix of their three types of Oysters!

The food was impressive because J Sheekey didn't try to over complicate things with the fish or seafood. They served good, fresh food, cooked fantastically to perfection (chargrilling seafood can easily be overdone, especially when an establishment is busy). Simple dishes, as if you had a chef cooking just for you. If you want to impress someone who loves good seafood and fish, either take them there or cook them something from their cookbook: Fish.

You should never end a night out in West End at the restaurant, so we headed back to SOHO. We climbed down the stairs of La Floridita, the uber cool latin dancing bar/club where celebs from all over are spotted on weekends. It was a Thursday night though, so we had control of the dance floor (I don't know if that was a good thing). Here's how things went down:

And finally, here is a video of the one thing not to do when you're holding a Pimm's....


  1. hahah, sounds like such a fun day! the first Pimms would have knocked me out already I guess!! Cannot even have more than 3 glasses of wine :-) Oh, and did I get that right, are you getting married????? UHHHHH SO SO EXCITING!!!

    1. Make yourself a virgin Pimms... a Vimms! And just laugh loudly and pretend you're drunk.

  2. Love your pictures- it captures what an adventure of day you had! I studied abroad in London- this great post makes me miss it so much!
    Simply Akshara

    1. Oh Thanks Akshara! I'm sure you have your own adventures at home!

  3. Maan I feel so un-British having never had Pimms, I have to have some!! Love your photos & I agree, I love photos with trees in the background hahaxx

    1. Thanks!!! :) To be honest I love any summer cup - any wine + lemonade plus fruits. Goes down easy!

  4. I love these photos, and your blog, so much! Pimms is the absolute best thing to drink in England in the Summer, for sure! Can I ask where in London that icecream parlour is? Looks lush, and I'd like to visit next Sunday when I'm in the city! :)

    1. Hey thank you! I'm flattered :) Amorino is in Soho (41 Old Compton Street). Do let us know what flavours you tried!!! xx

  5. really great photos! looks like so much fun :) the ice cream (and martinis) look divine ;)


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