8 Hours in Florence and Pisa

9 Nov 2013

On our third and last day in Italy (here's our awesome day 1 visiting family and day 2 spent in the gorgeous italian riviera) we found ourselves with four hours to kill before we needed to head to the airport in Pisa. We drove from Genoa to Florence, where we stopped for a focaccia at a lively little place where the owners, a married couple, sang and danced as they worked at a furious pace to serve all the tourists customers gathering around their counter. We washed down our breads with their local table wine, which turned out to be both outstanding and incredibly alcoholic. No doubt the former a causality of the latter. Proof of that is in the last picture.

I cannot help but imagine Gollum sitting for a portrait....

Looking at my pictures I spotted a sequence of me walking up behind my brother that Chris had shot. I don't remember being this silly but I have the nagging feeling that I am....


  1. Hi, this sequence of you is so good - lol!!
    Ohh, I could so use a bit of sunshine...
    Have a lovely Sunday!

    1. Hey Svenja! yeah I found it in the camera and didn't even realise I had done it :S


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