Cinque Terre in a Day

7 Nov 2013

Day two of our adventures in Italy started with a two-hour forty-five minutes' ride zigzagging along the coast of the riviera to get to the Northenmost of the Cinque Terre: Monterosso. (Here's day 1 meeting our long lost relatives in Italy and day 3 running about florence and taking silly pictures in pisa *bonus: funny animated GIF of me....)

From there, we took a train to Rio Maggiore, where our day of visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site would continue. Making our way to the port we could hear cheering and laughter. A congregation had climbed atop some stone stairs to observe something interesting happening in the sea. I pushed my way through to see what it was....

There were kids jumping from the rocks into the water!

I wanted to jump into the water too but we decided it was best to continue our little excursion and leave that for later.

Walking through the back alleys we found this lovely lady carrying a huge glass bottle. Rita stopped her and asked her about what she was doing. Apparently, they were getting the bottles ready for the wine which would be ready soon. 

Rita and the lady had an animated conversation in Italian so I turned around and decided to capture my man's unique travel outfit. Just look at him. 

We observed the beautifully painted houses perched in a terraced fashion along the coast. They are all painted in a colourful range following tradition. The story goes that people would paint their houses in distinctive colours so that their relatives at sea, fishing, would be able to spot their home for afar and always come back.

After getting another train we arrived in Manarola where we went swimming really quickly and then came out again to get on another train. This time we went to Vernazza. Here we happily sat on the warm rocks and people-watched.

We spotted a boat boarding and decided to go check it out. Turns out, it was going back to Monterosso, right where we needed to go to pick up our car.

The way from Monterosso back through to Rapallo, Santa Margherita and Portofino is really rugged and zigzaggy. We were glad to stop by at Portofino for a few shots of the town at twilight.

We left Portofino but grew incredibly hungry on our way back home. We'd had a pretty exciting day and all we'd had was a little sandwich earlier. Rita took us to a family restaurant where we had loads of seafood. But the highlight, and something I am very eager to recreate as I watched the chefs do it again and again in amazement, was this cheese focaccia made with Stracchino Cheese inside, which melts and tastes like something out of heaven.


  1. Oh, I am just so in love with Italy! I went to Portofino a few years ago, and I was completely blown away by its beauty - your pictures make me wish I could jump on a plane to go back! Thanks for stopping by :)


  2. How unique is it to be shown around by a local (AND bonus: family member) and lead to all the good places?! Wow. Wonderful photography!! I guess Italy really is one of my favourite countries. Have a wonderful day!! XX


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