Pints at Oktoberfest

19 Nov 2013

Somehow the planets aligned for our short visit to Germany last month. Oktoberfest was on. 

People of all ages were clad in their best Dirndl and Lederhosen.

Highlights of the day included watching Jeff (below) slowly drink himself to a sleepy stupor where at one point he sat on the floor inside one of the event marquees and was asked to leave! (There's no room for party poopers)

I fell behind in the drinking (I was only allowed one beer, I was driving us to Berchtesgaden that same evening) but that allowed me to contemplate (and remember) the experience. The three boys on the other hand were tipsy and kept going back to different stalls to get Wursts and peanuts. 

...and here's me having the one beer I was allowed.

Being tipsy made us brave, and we ventured into one of the marquees to try and get a seat and enjoy some traditional German music. All booths were fully booked but we were allowed to take an empty one until the rightful reservees arrived. We ordered some more beers and merrily sang along the thousands of people inside, climbing atop the benches and hugging each other whilst singing along and dancing around.

In the crowd there were barmaids selling pretzels and other goodies. People gathered and cheered every now and then for no apparent reason. The whole place was filled with happy drunken red faces.

At some point we must have thought it was all too much and wandered off into the centre of Munich where we boarded the trusted metro and headed back to where we'd left our car.

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