Willkommen im Berchtesgaden!

6 Dec 2013
Meet the enchanting mountain town of Berchtesgaden, Germany. 
Never mind that Adolf Hitler used to holiday here since the 1920s. This town is picturesque as they come, and a wondrous place to explore and eat great Bavarian food.

When we arrived it was nighttime and I had been driving for hours. It was the same day we'd been to Oktoberfest in Munich, and now, after everyone had at fallen asleep in the car for at least two hours, we were here. We'd heard so much about this little picturesque town that we were really excited about seeing it in daylight. But there was one problem.... we hadn't booked a hotel.

We looked and looked but everywhere was full. I even pulled a James Bond manoeuvre with the car and, thinking I was following another car into a public car park, swiftly managed to trespass into a private car park before the garage door automatically shut firmly behind us. We were quickly told (in German) that this was a private space and to please shoo.

We got to the top of a steep hill where I parked the car in the darkness. My google maps showed three lodges nearby so my brother would go and ask at one place, my other half would go to another one, and good old Jeff and I would ask at the third one. We managed to get an amazing deal for a whole apartment. We moved in our stuff and asked the lady who let us in: where can we have dinner?

We were ravenous. The place was an old family tavern and the food was so delicious we didn't even get the camera out of the bag before we had eaten it all. It was all goulashes and slow cooked stews with huge dumplings, and the best wursts we've had. Ever. 

The next morning we woke up and were disappointed to see that the fog hadn't faltered. We could not see any of the mountains, only the town and the fringes of it - green mountain bases. A stroll around the town was pleasant enough... 

And then we spotted that we could go on a sliding cart ride if we climbed atop the mountains! We didn't hesitate. We cheated a bit.

These cable cars took us to the top and through what looked like somewhere where Twilight might have been filmed!

We did have a lot of fun on the sliding car ride. Then we went for a look around the forest.

Happy with all our pictures, we headed back down for a well-deserved lunch.

As usual I was the envy of the table with my slow roasted pork knee + sauerkraut.

And with this lunch we bade Germany goodbye and headed into Austria.

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