It's Vienna, Baby!

25 Mar 2014

Vienna, Austria. One of those places that are not quite on top of you average must see list. But a gal in London; correction - a poor gal in London - must find ways to change the airs, even if she can't afford a full-blown trip to the Caribbean. 

So here you have me and Vienna it is.

We arrived late at night, full of excitement and with no beds booked. Not a problem, though, a good old google of "hostels" in the area and we've found our place for the night: Wombat's Hostels: The Lounge. It's conveniently located near the train station, so we don't walk far to get to it and finally drop our bags.

We're tired but we only have a day and a half (speed-travelling!) and we want to see it all. So we head out into the night with a 24 hour travel pass and we take a train to the absolute city centre.

Here we walk and walk. Past buildings, parks, historical sites, churches. Through all the rushing, we take a solemn break at the Heldenplatz, where Hitler once stood to announce the Austrian connexion to Nazi Germany. The place is desolate this late, and it's hard to imagine the square full of people - supporters, of such radical thinking and the atrocious subsequent events it lead to.

We walk away from the are feeling a little bit listless, so decide to stop at a "cafe" (it was a live music pub!) called Tunnel (Address: 39 Florianigasse) and sample their white beer selection as well as their pizzas. Whoa! The pizzas were an incredible surprise - hand on heart, the best pizza I have ever had. Not even in Italy. And I'm half Italian. Best pizzas ever.

The night ended when we got a bit pissed and had ordered far many more pizzas than we could eat.

The next morning we headed to the flea market, which turned out to be a food market. We were full from breakfast so we didn't buy anything. We then moved on to Sissi's Palace (Schönbrunn Palace), which is the former summer residence of the imperial family. The palace is decorated in Rococo style, and features no less than 1,441 rooms!

We didn't dare take a tour. Instead, we wandered through the back gardens, observing people, and even paid to go in a maze! Five minutes later, when we had found our way out of the over-priced maze, we stumbled upon the Vienna Zoo. Why not?

Vienna Zoo (Tiergarten Schoenbrunn) is the oldest existing zoo in the World. I have been to many a museums, but this one was incredibly huge and really good fun. They had plenty of activities laid out on a schedule at the entrance, so you knew where to head to in order to see a spectacle. We saw the sea lions perform tricks and jump into the air to catch fish that were thrown at them. See if you can spot a bat we found randomly hanging from a fixture on one of the walls - his willy is all out too! EEk!

Eventually after so much walking, the Zoo was closing down. It was the end of the day and the end of our mini, super speedy trip!


  1. Wonderful pictures, Caterina! Wow - I have been to Austria itself a million times and also saw lots of great places such as Salzburg, but sadly never made it to Vienna. Have a fabulous start to the weekend!!

  2. I went through your Vienna city trip photos and let me tell you that they have stolen my heart..Glamorous city to click many photos..I have been here twice and will be willing to plan many more trip to Europe including Vienna city in it.

  3. Aw wow Vienna looks like fun! I haven't been to a zoo in ageeeees!xx


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