Salzburg on our bikes

8 Mar 2014

People often ask me about my honeymoon.

It's a difficult one to answer, because my honeymoon was more a backpacking trip with my husband, brother, and a friend. Hell, my husband only even joined us for a couple of days!

It was late September, 2013. We started out with a crazy Italian family dinner in Genoa (link here), then spent two days basking in the sun of the Cinque Terre (link here) before passing by Florence & Pisa (link here). We then headed over to Munich for Oktoberfest - where we all got smashed! (here!). Our last stop in Germany was in the mountains, Berchtesgaden. Here, lacking snow, we slid down the mountains on wheeled karts! (link here.)

This is what happened next:

We arrived in Salzburg (Austria) sans Chris, who had flown back to the UK.

It was Sunday night and there was a quiet but certain buzz about the city. As we approached the old town centre by foot, we passed cobbled streets with designer shops. We crossed a bridge into the old town and it seemed as if we had suddenly stepped into a fairytale.

We explored narrow cobbled streets where buskers had puppets that could perform and dance Michael Jackson songs, walked through plazas, passages and by fountains, weaved in and out the little streets.

It was all too much, so we went in to the hottest place in town for dinner:

It is a family tavern with low ceilings, massive glasses of beer, a super busy atmosphere (we had to wait 10 minutes to get a seated!) and rich stews with the fluffiest dumplings!

For dessert we had to order the famous Salzburg Nockerl, made with frothy egg whites and raspberries underneath. What a mammoth of a pudding, just look at the size of the thing...

The following morning was out of a film. More specifically, out of the Sound of Music. 
We rented bikes and rode them all the way around the old town and up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress, a medieval castle built to represent the political power of the Holy Roman Empire. Subsequently expanded throughout the ages, the building is now one of Europe's largest castles.

We left the bikes aside and climbed the steep walk into the castle, where we enjoyed lunch in a medieval-styled tavern, and then continued with the tour. Though a very impressive castle, the tour is not of great standard (I would've liked to read more about it before hand). But the views were spot-on.

We then headed to Schloss Mirabell (Palace & Gardens) for a final ride before grabbing a delicious gelatto and heading to the train station, bound to Vienna.

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