Getting Cultured in Amsterdam

11 Sep 2014

No visit to Amsterdam could be complete without visiting the famous Rijksmuseum.

On my last day I put my culture-vulture hat on and made my way there.

After about forty minutes of walking and getting lost several times, I finally got there. I managed to avoid the huge queues by pre-buying my ticket online, so I just flashed an image of the QR code on my phone and the security guards waved me through. I have to admit, this mobile-ticketing thing (with the flight tickets too!) is quite convenient, I'm loving it.

I walked inside the museum, brightly lit by the huge window panels on the ceiling.

The space inside is massive, full of chattering tourists trying to work out where to go first. The Rijksmuseum is huge, so I decided to spend my time wisely and seek out the big ones. The main gallery as you approach the first floor is full of stained glass windows with images of the artists whose art hangs within the museum's four walls.

I saw Vermeer, Rembrandt, Van Gogh... you name it. I started with the big ones before moving on to explore other bits of the museum, and took pictures of all my favourite pieces...

There's also a huge, gorgeous library inside the museum. It's the largest public Art History research library in the Netherlands.

I was in the museum for a little over two hours, and by the time I got to my next location: the flea markets in Noordermarkt.

Stepping onto a side street, I found a huge warehouse with beautiful antiques and second-hand items.

And picked up a couple of pressies to take back home before sitting down at Winkel bakery to try one of their world-famous Apple Pies, which was to die for.

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