Late Sun in Crete

15 Sep 2016

We've decided to take late summer family holiday to Crete!

Afternoon Strolls in Kurashiki, Japan

13 Sep 2016
Kurashiki is a lovely little town you must visit if you are staying in Okayama.


Sunshine & Lavender

8 Sep 2016

On their last week visiting us from Peru, I decided to take my parents to a Lavender farm.

Cycling Through Japan's Kibi Plain

My favourite way to explore a new place is by cycling.

Himeji Castle & Okonomiyaki

26 Aug 2016

On our fourth day of our Japan adventure we needed to get to Okayama, but since Himeji Castle was on the way, we decided to head there to check it out first.

Japanese Gardens & Nara Park

24 Aug 2016

Nara is the original capital of Japan and still retains some of the most beautiful and impactful shrines, temples and ruins of the country. We spent a day in this wonderful city, feeding deer in Nara Park, wandering in Yoshiki-en and Isui-en gardens, and discovering the tastiest sushi restaurant.

It's day 3 of our 2-week discovery tour of Japan. We've spent day 1 in Osaka acclimatising and day 2 in the sacred Mount Koya, getting lost in primeval forest cemeteries (you can read about it here).


Temples of Mount Koya (Japan)

21 Aug 2016

Japan was never high on my bucket list,  but through my love of sushi and gyozas plus my absolute fascination with Totoro, it became a place I just had to experience. After spending two weeks there earlier this year, I'm hooked. Here's the first part of my Japan travel series: Mount Kōya (Koyasan).

Monks in the primeval forest in Mount Koya, Japan
Monks chanting prayers at a temple in the Garan complex

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