Himeji Castle & Okonomiyaki

26 Aug 2016

On our fourth day of our Japan adventure we needed to get to Okayama, but since Himeji Castle was on the way, we decided to head there to check it out first.

We woke up early but took our time. We went for breakfast but everywhere was closed. I think Japanese people don't do breakfast. We ended up at the same place we had lunch on the first day we arrived, a traditional fast-food place. On our way there we stumbled by a famous mochi place where we had a mochi each. It was the best mochi I've ever had. Another best-ever in Japan.

At Himeji we walked 15 minutes towards the castle which was in full view in the middle of the road. When we arrived we walked half way up the mound and got some ice cream and sat on a bench were we exchanged a few words with an old Japanese woman waiting for her husband. We bought tickets to Himejijo and joined the queue.

The queue was a disgrace all the way into the castle. We queued for like an hour and then got in, but it was just empty rooms and too many people and even more queues inside to enjoy it. They should have timed viewings. We managed to get a few snaps of the Castle.

On our way back towards the station we found an indoor shopping area and went into the first restaurant we found. Calling it a restaurant is a bit of an overstatement, it was a hole with a few chairs and a middle aged lady cooking Okonomiyaki, a traditional omelette-based Japanese dish usually from Hiroshima or Okayama. It was yummy. We washed it down with Asahis whilst Chris told me the story of how he got to Japan the first time he went to live there and his starting days and months here.

At around 4:38pm we realised we better check the train times to Okayama but fiddled with the wifi a bit. By the time we realised the next train for about an hour was a 4:50pm we literally legged it. We ran all the way to the train station, picked our bags from the lockers and ran to the right platform. As we approached the platform, put train was just pulling in and we made it. 

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