Afternoon Strolls in Kurashiki, Japan

13 Sep 2016
Kurashiki is a lovely little town you must visit if you are staying in Okayama.

Escaping from the big city - just a hop on the train away - Kurashiki is really one of those old little towns full of architectural and natural beauty. The best thing about it? You can happily uncover all of it by foot.

Bikan District: The Old Fashioned Area

Most of the buildings in this picturesque area of the town used to be merchant warehouses and rice granaries, all with tiled roofs and white-washed and black-tiled walls. These date from as early as the 18th century!

There are no cars in Bikan, so it's perfect for getting lost in as you walk slowly alongside the weeping willows-flanked canal. We stop every few minutes to try different delicacies that are prepared and sold alongside the koi-filled canal, and to look at the little shops selling all sorts.

Ivy Square

No prices for guessing what plant covers the walls of Ivy Square.

This a bit of a surreal area to walk into. It's modern, designed to look like the mills in Manchester (England) - as it was meant to be the first spinning mill. The area comprises a hotel and a cultural centre, but just wandering and people-watching on the peaceful square as the beating sun travels West is a good way to spend the time.

You can also find the Kojima Torajiro Memorial Hall of the Ohara Museum of Art, showcasing Torajiro's western-style paintings.

If you're in Okayama, I highly recommend a visit to Kurashiki!

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