Late Sun in Crete

15 Sep 2016

We've decided to take late summer family holiday to Crete!

Chris spent hours looking for the perfect place to stay. Upon looking at reviews, pictures, comments and maps for hours he settled for Marni Village.

Marni is a collection of flats and rooms perched on a hillside of Koutouloufari, surrounding about two or three swimming pools and with the sea as a backdrop. Just look at the view as we walked from the car park to our villa.

On the first morning we decide to have breakfast on our terrace and are are joined by two new friends.

They are little and shy but soon warm up to us when we give them a bowl of milk. And maybe some bread. Do cats eat bread?

We then decide to read by the swimming pool before jumping in to cool down. The views from it are truly incredible and at this point I'm still not certain that this isn't a dream.

We decide to explore the area a bit and set off on the car to wherever the road goes.

We arrive at some tourist markets and start filling our baskets rather quickly.

We find a Pythagorean Cup (above). There's a little piece of paper explaining the story behind this curiously shaped object.

It says Pythagoras invented this cup so that when he drank with his students they would all be fair in sharing their wine. If you fill the cup beyond a certain point, a syphoning effect causes the whole drink to be drained completely through a hole at the bottom!

Having looked and bought a few things, we head down to explore the coastline.

It leads us to some hidden beaches where locals and visitors lounge in the blaring sunshine and jump into the sea from rocks.

Our bellies are rumbling again by this point so we walk past a few restaurants overlooking the see to see what we like.

We walk into Cyrrus Bar and perch ourselves on a table by the sea and order lots.

After stuffing ourselves full, we decide to go to Sarantari Beach where we lay down in the sun for a while whilst we watch the blue blue water.

After frolicking in the sun all day we're hungry again. We head back to Marni Village to make some home-cooked pasta alla vongole with fresh ingredients we pick up at a supermarket nearby.

Walking to the villa with our hands full of heavy bags, the sky is looking pretty rad.
It's the end of the day and our feline friends have decided to come visit again, still purring nearby.

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