Sunshine & Lavender

8 Sep 2016

On their last week visiting us from Peru, I decided to take my parents to a Lavender farm.

We set off just as the heavy grey clouds scattered away and the skies turned a soft blue. It was the last day of harvest, so only a few rows of Lavender were left. 

When we arrived, all we saw was a big field of flowerless green Lavender bushes. I spotted a single flower and picked it up.

Walking in a bit we realised there were still a few rows left of Lavender. In the distance we could see the tractor harvesting row by row and getting closer and closer to these last few bits.

I got straight in to smell / experience / play around the Lavender.

The smell was so strong, sweet and musky. The sun was almost too hot (can that even be a thing in England?) and there were bees everywhere (a good thing!).

I just walked around up and down the fields, sitting around at times just to chill and feel the sunshine on my face.

The season is now finished and most Lavender farms are closed, but the experience has made me want to spend a weekend in Provence! I can't believe I put this off for so long.

Time to wave goodbye to Summer and start getting into Autumn mode.

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