An Afternoon in Kōraku-en Gardens

19 Feb 2017

On our last day in Okayama, since we hadn't spent much time in the city itself, rather going for day trips, we decided to visit the Koraku-en: Okayama Gardens.

Koaku-en is a stone's throw from Okayama-jo (Okayama Castle), and a delight to visit any time of the year. Just cross the bridge by the castle to arrive at the Garden's entrance.

Landscaped in 1678 as a place for entertainment for a local feudal family, regular folk were only permitted entrance to the gardens at the end of feudal rule.

Take your time to walk around and you'll soon see that these gardens feature all the typical characteristics of a Japanese landscape garden. The paths wind onto ponds and shrines, orchards and teahouses. We spent well over an hour hiding between light and shade, bamboo and Cherry trees.

I followed a path round and round.

Checked out the golden carp fish...

Across a little bridge...

And onto the teahouse! For some well-deserved green tea and local snacks!

The perfect end to our stroll through Koraku-en.

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