Spring Strolls in Paris

3 May 2017

Nothing like a little weekend trip to Paris with your best friends to perk you up. This time around we had my friend Karina’s fiancé as a guide – and he’s a Parisian! – so we did the less touristy things. With this trip Eiffel in love with Paris even more!

Let me take you on a weekend break to Paris.

We’re not staying in central Paris. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. We’re staying close to friends in the suburban commune of Issy les Molineaux. And we’ve found the perfect little nook.

Beausejour is a beautiful three storey guesthouse with modern yet warm huge open plan floors full of antique toys and decorations. We got the penthouse! (the upstairs room).

It comes with a seating area, a massive (and super comfy bed) made for sleeping well into the day, and an en-suite.

And a balcony!

We drop our things and meet our friends for a stroll around Paris. We start at the palatial Le Jardin Du Luxembourg.

We arrive at the edge of a large pond by the Palais du Luxembourg and spot lots of children playing with these wooden little boats, for hire from a stall nearby. They're a popular pastime at this spot. Children use a stick to set the sails in the right position and push the boat in, as the wind does the rest to get the little sailing boat across the pond. The ultimate goal, obviously, is hitting the ducks.

We exit the Jardin and take a leisurely stroll on Rue Soufflot towards the Pantheon.

But there's a queue to go in and plus, it costs money. We're not here to get stuck in queues, so we take the Rue de la Montagne Saint Genevieve towards Notre Dame.

We pass Notre Dame and head towards Ile-Saint-Louis in search for the best ice cream in town.

But we grow hungry and end up at a creperie.

We sit down for cups of cidre and savoury crepes (galletes).

Thoroughly satisfied, we continue our quest for ice cream. We're looking for the Berthillon ice cream shop but hey ho, there's an Amorino shop just in front of us. I don't know about you but for me, ice cream now is better than ice cream later, so we go in there and grab ice cream!

Just look at the happiness on those faces!

One of my favourite parts of the Seine is around the Quai D'Orleans.

Back on Voie Georges Pompidou we stroll all the way to the Petit Palais enjoying the sunshine, now beating down on us.

It's a long way walking to the Petit Palais - it takes us about an hour as we stop and gawp at all the usual sights on the way. When we get there, we enjoy the gardens and sit for a chocolate cake and some wines and beers.

It's been a long day so we head back to the Beausejour for a well-deserved nap and later regroup at my friend's home for a home-cooked Peruvian meal to end the night.


The weekend in Paris continues at the Jardin des Plantes....

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