About Us

Hi! We’re Caterina & Chris.

We quit our advertising jobs in London to go travelling full-time. We don’t know what we’re doing and we don’t have a plan. We just have a one-way ticket to Peru!

The idea was born out of a desire for deeper, slower travel. Somehow the 30 days off per year weren’t enough anymore; we kept trying to cram too much into every holiday. Instead, we wanted to have time to explore lesser-known places - spend a morning cycling through the countryside in Japan or walking through a bustling food market in Peru.

Travel (in most aspects) is great for everyone involved, but we’re also aware of the negative impact it can have. We want to make our travel as responsible and sustainable as possible, enriching locals & communities as well as travellers.

So…. travelling full time. We don’t know how we’re going to make it work. We’ve picked Peru as our base to start with because it's Caterina's homeland. We’ll have to figure out things as we go. We start off with South America!

We’ll share all our stories here as we live & learn. Hope you’ll join us on our adventure!

Want to get in touch? We'd love to hear your tips, advice, comments & more. Reach out to journographie@gmail.com
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