Sunday, 13 April 2014

Le Weekend

This week was marked by exhaustion coupled with wild dreams that kept me waking up in the middle of the night. The weekend couldn't come faster.

I had a super girly weekend planned up in Birmingham. As I went to uni there (Aston), I have good friends still living in the area whom I was dying to see. 

The Saturday started with Miska and I meeting up for a delicious lunch at Pizza Express. We only had a few hours with each other before she flew back to Bratislava for the half term,  but we both talk at a million words per minute, so we were able to catch up. We also came up with cool and exciting plans for my wedding & portrait photography business- - that I can't wait to start. 

In the evening I headed over to Ellie's. She's got two super cute cats now, who were pestered all Saturday-long for pictures on my iphone. 

Again it was all catching up, cooking a nice meal and lying down to watch a film and do our nails. We saw stranger than fiction, followed by j. Edgar. We fell asleep halfway through the second film. 

Sunday morning was sunny, and Ellie took me for a ride in her new convertible! It was a short-lived affair as we drove back to hers and said our goodbyes. 
All in all, a cracking weekend. I'm now exhausted back in Lower Clapton where half of East London has gathered at my local pub, The Star, for pints and park games. I want a pint badly but have a feeling I have developed an intolerance to alcohol (I get headaches as soon as I drink a pint). So I'm sitting on my bed writing this and getting my things ready for a new week :)