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5 Spots for Vintage Furniture & Homeware Shopping in Shoreditch

Today, I bring you 5 top spots for vintage shopping in East London, all of which you can visit on a nice Sunday stroll.

Miyajima: Floating Tori Island

Miyajima Island, hands down, beats every cliched double-page spread in any holiday glossy magazine any time of day. We arrived at sunset, and as the crowds gathered around the magnificent floating Tori, we walked over to the structure as the tide came in...

An Afternoon in Kōraku-en Gardens

On our last day in Okayama, since we hadn't spent much time in the city itself, rather going for day trips, we decided to visit the Koraku-en: Okayama Gardens.

Naoshima: Cycling Japan's Art Island

Naoshima is an island in the Seto inland Sea, famous for its contemporary art and the superb Benesse House Museum. But this island offers an intense surreal experience for more than just the art-oriented...

Late Sun in Crete

We've decided to take late summer family holiday to Crete!