Our Buddhist Temple Stay in Koyasan, Japan

17 Aug 2023

The morning air is crisp and fresh up here in the Temple Town of Koyasan. Primeval forests surround the sleepy town, and it is the giant old Cedars in the distance that we can smell.

Second Time in Japan: Our Complete 2 Week Itinerary

Beyond Tokyo and Kyoto, the geishas and the tea ceremonies, shrines, bullet trains and robot restaurants, there is still a delicious world to explore. If you're planning your second visit to Japan, or you want an alternative guide with off-the-beaten-path ideas, read on.

This is What a Hike in Japan's Edo Period Nakasendo Trail Looks Like

There is something liberating about being in the middle of a Japanese forest, walking along, with no other soul in sight. Our hearts pump at an accelerated rate but our minds are elevated, breathing in the fresh air and absorbing the lush green trees and bird sounds all around us. We're hiking in the Kiso Valley.

How to Spend a Day in Nara: Temples, Sacred Deer & A Giant Buddha

Nara was once the capital of Japan. Its first permanent capital, in fact. According to Shintō taboos up until the 7th century, the capital had to move every time an emperor passed away. This practice disappeared under the influence of Buddhism, and after a couple of rounds of trial and error in other locations, the imperial seat was established in Nara. In this guide we'll tell you what to see in Nara if you've got just one day.

A Guide to Hiking Kamikochi: The Northern Japan Alps

Kamikochi is a hiker's playground. It's a narrow basin that sits within the Northern Japan Alps and offers dramatic landscapes of Japan's highest peaks. It has trails for people of all abilities, so you can do a day trip or go for multi-day traverses. Here we tell you about our experience and how you can best plan yours.