Naoshima: Cycling Japan's Art Island

9 Aug 2018

Naoshima is an island in the Seto Inland Sea, famous for its contemporary art and the superb Benesse House Museum. But this island offers an intense surreal experience for more than just the art-lovers...

Discovering Machu Picchu: A Travel Photo Diary

8 Aug 2018

Today we visit a deeply mystical land nestled 2.4km above sea level in the Urubamba Valley, South of Peru. This is our photo diary of Machu Picchu.

Ancient Forests & Sacred Graveyards: Our Temple Stay in Koyasan

29 Jul 2018

The morning air is crisp and fresh up here in the Temple Town of Koyasan. Primeval forests surround the sleepy town, and it is the giant old Cedars in the distance that we can smell.

7 Things to Do in Lima's City Centre

27 Jul 2018

Lima, Peru. This foggy jungle, traffic jams and all, is a wondrous convergence of modernity intertwined with history and heritage. The 'History' part is what we're exploring today. Follow me...

8 Things to Do in Arequipa if You're a Nature & Culture Lover

25 Jul 2018

Arequipa is home to one of Peru's wildest landscapes: active volcanoes, high-altitude deserts, hot springs and the deepest Canyon in the world. Here's a guide to making the most of it!