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17 May 2018

Dearest Journographie reader & friend!
Excuse the look of us whilst we work on a super exciting update. We'll have your regular content + fantastic new features up and running very soon. We're turbo-charging journographie 2.0!
Hope you'll stay with us and come back tomorrow to see the brand new site.
Cate + Chris

7 Things to Do in Lima's City Centre

30 May 2017

I'm back home in Lima, Peru! It's fantastic to be back and to see how much the city has grown and developed. This foggy jungle, traffic jams and all, is a wondrous convergence of modernity intertwined with history and heritage.

Japan: The Ultimate 2-Week Itinerary

7 May 2017
Japan took me by surprise – I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. It has everything: the most stunning landscapes & mountains, delightful fresh food, an intriguing history & culture and tons to see and do.

It’s tough to pick only a handful of places to visit on a first trip, and though the below itinerary might feel like it’s too much, it actually allows for relaxation, plus all the essential things you can't miss!

Jardin des Plantes, Paris

6 May 2017
Jardin des Plantes Paris journographie travel blog

The Jardins des Plantes are an exotic world of their own, in the middle of Paris.

Spring Strolls in Paris

3 May 2017

Nothing like a little weekend trip to Paris with your best friends to perk you up. This time around we had my friend Karina’s fiancé as a guide – and he’s a Parisian! – so we did the less touristy things. With this trip Eiffel in love with Paris even more!

Let me take you on a weekend break to Paris.

Goodbye Japan! Kyoto's Fushimi Inari Shrine, Mount Kurama & Onsen

22 Apr 2017

Japan saved the best for last for our trip. Our very last day in Kyoto (and indeed, in Japan) was a melting pot of different experiences - most of which you'd never find in a guidebook.

Kyoto: Golden Temples, Monkey Mountains & Bamboo Groves

17 Apr 2017

Our very last destination on this wondrous journey through Japan is Kyoto.
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