Best Ever Chocolate Cake

The third time I made this cake I ate so much of it that my body couldn't physically take it and promptly urged it out of my system in ways I didn't know possible. I know it's gross, but that's how good this cake is. It's so good, it's bad.


Getting Cultured in Amsterdam

No visit to Amsterdam could be complete without visiting the famous Rijksmuseum.


In Santiago de Compostela

Even if you're not doing "The Camino", Santiago (in Spain) is a wonderful town to get lost in.


Pottering About in Shoreditch

Shoreditch and Brick Lane are the quintessential arty & market areas of East London.

Gay Pride in Amsterdam

I had been meaning to go to Amsterdam ever since I realised people don't just go there to get high. So when a friend casually mentioned she'd booked a ticket to go, I jumped on the opportunity. Little did I know we were going during Gay Pride.

It's Vienna, Baby!

Vienna, Austria. One of those places that are not quite on top of you average must see list. But a gal in London; correction - a poor gal in London - must find ways to change the airs, even if she can't afford a full-blown trip to the Caribbean. 

Best Banana Bread

It only took two ruined loaves to perfect this recipe.

Lunch catch up at Bodean's BBQ

When my friend Kasparas told me he was working a few minutes' walk away from my office in Soho, I jumped in at the chance for a quick lunchtime catch-up. I asked him to meet me at Bodean's, a decision he silently questioned when he saw the queue to order. All prejudiced opinions were quickly put to rest when the lovely American waitress dropped these bad boys.

Salzburg on our bikes

People often ask me about my honeymoon.

It's a difficult one to answer, because my honeymoon was more a backpacking trip with my husband, brother, and a friend. Hell, my husband only even joined us for a couple of days!

Eating light: Simple and flavoursome healthy winter broth with meat

Soup bowl with tomato-based broth with mince turkey, vegetables and coriander

Today I fancied a light yet flavoursome bowl of broth. I love broth. When I was little mum would make me chicken broth every time I had a cold. It would be simple but with well-balanced flavours, and would always include a splash of lemon juice and fresh chopped coriander as garnish.

Super quick and easy turkey mince burger, quinoa, beet & carrot salad and greens. Healthy and Yummy!

Healthy dish of grilled turkey breast mince burger, quinoa, spinach, broccoli and a salad of grated beetroots and carrots with dill

I've always been a firm believer that healthy doesn't have to mean boring. Today after an intense workout my body needed lots of fuel, and I decided to bring the bag of quinoa out of the cupboard and get a little creative with the ingredients from my recent online Tesco shop.