Getting Cultured in Amsterdam

11 Sep 2014

No visit to Amsterdam could be complete without visiting the famous Rijksmuseum.


In Santiago de Compostela

9 Sep 2014

Even if you're not doing "The Camino", Santiago (in Spain) is a wonderful town to get lost in.


Gay Pride in Amsterdam

18 Aug 2014

I had been meaning to go to Amsterdam ever since I realised people don't just go there to get high. So when a friend casually mentioned she'd booked a ticket to go, I jumped on the opportunity. Little did I know we were going during Gay Pride.

It's Vienna, Baby!

25 Mar 2014

Vienna, Austria. One of those places that are not quite on top of you average must see list. But a gal in London; correction - a poor gal in London - must find ways to change the airs, even if she can't afford a full-blown trip to the Caribbean. 

Salzburg on our bikes

8 Mar 2014

People often ask me about my honeymoon.

It's a difficult one to answer, because my honeymoon was more a backpacking trip with my husband, brother, and a friend. Hell, my husband only even joined us for a couple of days!
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