About Us

Hi! We’re Caterina & Chris

We are a Londoner couple who have lived in Japan, China, Peru, Australia and the UK. Over the last few years we have grown conscious of the need for a more respectful, sustainable lifestyle.

Journographie was born out of a desire for deeper, slower travel. We want to have time to explore lesser-known places - spend a morning cycling through the countryside in Japan or walking through a bustling food market in Peru and be able to share these incredible, off-the-beaten-track experiences with others to inspire them to craft their own, or to divert tourism to lesser-known areas.

Travel (in most aspects) is great for everyone involved, but we’re also aware of the negative impact it can have. We want to make our travel as responsible and sustainable as possible, enriching locals & communities as well as travellers. With journographie, we aim to share rich slow-travel stories.

Hope you enjoy!

Want to get in touch? We'd love to hear your tips, advice, comments & more. Reach out to journographie@gmail.com

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